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CANCER SCREENING TESTS (ตรวจสารบ่งชี้มะเร็ง)

More than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Early cancer detection through cancer screening or cancer blood test can provide more options for fighting the disease. These blood tests check for specific markers such as CA-125 and the prostate-specific antigen, which can determine diagnosis for ovarian cancer and prostate cancer respectively. Cancer screening blood tests can also tell you your risk factors for this disease, helping you make the right lifestyle choices to prevent it.

  • AFP (Liver Cancer)
  • PSA (Prostate Cancer)
  • Free PSA
  • CA 125 (Ovarian Cancer)
  • CA 15-3 (Breast Cancer)
  • NSE (Lung Cancer)
  • CEA (Colon Cancer)
  • HPV Genotyping (Hybrio 21 HPV GenoArray)